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The sooner developmental and learning differences are identified, 

the sooner your child can get the help they need.

Call Us:
404-293-6947 (Atlanta)    214-536-6992 (Dallas)


We conduct evaluations for the following diagnoses and presenting concerns:

  • Academic Difficulties

  • Adaptive Skills

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Attention Difficulties

  • Behavioral Concerns

  • Developmental Delays

  • Dyslexia

  • Emotional Concerns

  • Learning Disabilities

  • Social Communication

  • Social Skills

  • Speech & Language

Call Us:
404-293-6947 (Atlanta)    214-536-6992 (Dallas)

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What is an Assessment?

Our assessments (also referred to as psychological testing or psychoeducational evaluations) are meant to answer parent questions, address parent concerns, and identify a child's strengths and weaknesses. 

Assessments are comprised of three sessions:

  • The first 2-hour initial interview allows the doctor to learn as much about your child as possible, from those who know him/her best.

  • Secondly, your child will come in for diagnostic testing, which usually takes between 4-6 hours, with as many breaks as your child needs.

  • The last session is a 1.5 hour feedback session where the clinician will review all scores, discuss diagnosis (if applicable), and review recommendations developed specifically to address your child’s needs. 

  • These 3 sessions are typically all scheduled within two weeks of each other so you are not waiting between appointments to receive feedback. 


Receive an extensive report detailing the assessment scores and interpretation, diagnosis (if applicable), and list of recommendations. 

Why choose us?

Specializing in
Early Childhood to Young Adulthood

Our clinicians have extensive experience working

with children as young as

12 months old

through college-age.

Individually Tailored Evaluations

Each service is tailored to

address the child's and

family's unique needs.


Our newly constructed

facility is equipped with

the best technology

supports and assessments.

Independent Education Evaluations (IEEs)

We offer comprehensive psychoeducational evaluations as a part of the Independent Educational Evaluation process. If parents disagree with the results of an evaluation conducted by a public school system, they have the right to request an evaluation by a qualified provider who is not employed by the district.


If approved, the cost of the evaluation is covered by the school district. The purpose of the IEE is to determine the student’s strengths and weaknesses for intervention and educational programming purposes. IEEs are requested through the Special Education department in your child’s school district.

Contact Info



945 Memorial Drive SE, Suite 422, Atlanta, GA 30316


4100 Spring Valley Road, Suite 930, Dallas, TX 75244

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